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JULY 19th & 20th 2019


Written by Rebecca Dissegna

Two siblings are cleaning out their grandparent’s storeroom when they find a chest full of old unopened letters from their grandfather to their grandmother. As they read the letters, they come across a big secret, one that has been kept for over 80 years. 



Written by Daniel Ryan 

The world of Mental health is full of taboos. Mental is an exploration of the loves of those who view the world through the lenses of the atypical, and the impact their diagnosis has on their day to day lives. 


Written by Stuart Rogers and Daniel Ryan

It’s couple’s night! Fine food, good company and of course everyone’s favourite real estate trading board game; Property Tycoon! What could possibly go wrong? Tensions flair as the competition of the game brings out real world conflicts amongst the couples. Struggles are only worsened by the arrival of a couple who lack the social graces of the others. Property Tycoon, the game that bankrupts any dinner party.