we are rogue theatre company

Rogue Theatre Company is a brand new Theatre Company based in the South East of Melbourne, Australia. 

Theatre is our true passion and we are excited to explore it, share it and love it with the world. This is a new and exciting outlet for theatre lovers to come together and do what we love.

Stay tuned for exciting things to come. 

Rogue Theatre Company is an all-inclusive theatre company based in the South East Suburbs of Melbourne founded on the ideals of mutual respect for the arts, individuals, and the combined roles of all individuals and the part they play in the formation and creation of performance in all its capacities and means. Rogue Theatre Company is founded on the principles of diversity of performing arts, and the understanding that everyone involved shares the common goals of presenting theatre that moves, inspires and entertains.

Meet the team


Meet the founding members of Rogue Theatre Company. From left to right - Trent Stebbing, Bec Dissegna, Joshua Harkness, Daniel Ryan, Grace McCoy & Amy Planner